Testimonies – Tai Yuk Lin Ailin

Tai Yuk Lin, Ailin, a nurse who started practising Luk Tung Kuen since August 2009.

5 years ago, I have neck and both shoulder pain due to lifting up patients. The pain hurt so much. Every day I need to take medication to relieve the pain. The pain may be one kind of occupational disease for a nurse. But today the pain was gone! Why???? Because of Luk Tung Kuen.

In Feb 2009 (spring), a sharp pain suddenly occurred, I was admitted to hospital. At that, I not only had medication treatment, but also physiotherapy was followed. However I was still feeling the pain. In Aug 2009 (summer), my mother introduced Luk Tung Kuen to me, she has practised it for more than 15 years. So I started the exercise under Mr Lee’s supervision in Chai Wan. In the first two months, the pain got worse. Mr Lee told me that the pain was normal in the beginning, so I kept on practising. 5 months later, all the pain was gone! I will continue to practise and also introduce the exercise to my colleagues.

Who am I? I am Tai Yuk Lin, Ailin.

(Posted at 2010/1/15)

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